About Dwell in Magic

About Dwell in Magic

Dwell in Magic is a blog for the spiritual seeker. When we begin to dwell in the magic that is us, our lives shift in unbelievable ways. I am a cynic turned believer after watching my own life change so drastically.

Everything I've written here has been what I needed to learn at that specific time in my life. It's what I was being shown and evolving through. My current understanding is always a little bit deeper than it was the day before, but each period was necessary and beautiful.

My intention is that as I write and come closer to the higher understanding of my soul, you remember as well the higher understanding of yours. I hope you find breadcrumbs in my articles that lead you further down your own beautiful path towards self-discovery and love.

Jessica Dimas Dwell in Magic

A little about me

• I've been married for 18 years and have learned a lot through that relationship. My partner has definitely been pivotal in cracking me open and helping me to take on new perspectives constantly.

• I'm the creator of two little humanoids. They have also softened me in more ways than one! Becoming a parent has shown me the depths of love I didn't know were possible, and the recognition that nothing outside of me is mine or in my control. It's been a beautiful lesson in surrender.

• This personality I'm currently incarnating as could most accurately be described as INFP. I'm a life path 7 and my Pluto is in the 12th house...I feel all of those things are responsible for the creation of this blog! 

• Due to the above, I'm not super active on social media because I'm usually nose-deep in a book somewhere. But the places I frequent most are Instagram and the Dwell in Magic FB group. Please pop over because I do try to connect with my readers on these platforms! I also send out a weekly update to my email subscribers if you'd like to get updates that way.