About Dwell in Magic

about Dwell in Magic

I’m Jessica, the founder behind Dwell in Magic. Dwell in Magic is a place where your wholeness is always recognized. It is my light connecting with yours. 

Dwell in Magic is a place where you can come and be inspired to uncover more of who you really are. To heal. To take any masks off that they put on you. To discover the mysterious magic and beauty of life. 

Everything I write is what I first needed in order to understand, process and expand. In this way, I don’t consider myself an “expert” or “teacher”. I’m simply passing on discoveries and musings I’ve collected from this never-ending path that we’re all traveling.

Jessica Dimas Dwell in Magic

A little about me

• I’m from North Carolina, lived in Phoenix for a long time, and am now back in North Carolina.

• I was raised southern baptist. Religion played a big part in my life and awakening into my own beliefs has been beyond the most fascinating, beautiful experience.

•  INFP (I’ve contemplated starting a MBTI blog since I could talk about it all day).

• Capricorn sun | Aries moon | Scorpio rising 

• My degree is in psychology.

• If I’m not writing, you’ll usually find me reading.

• I homeschool (technically unschool) my two sons.  All of my self-care advice works for parents!

• I’m a huge “Aber” (student of Abraham Hicks). So much of my writing is my interpretation on how to apply Abraham’s teachings to my life. 

• I truly believe life is magical when we allow it. My own life changed drastically 8 years ago after learning about the power of my mind. My desire is to spread the same message that was given to me so that others can know this side of life as well.


Jessica Dimas