About Dwell in Magic

About Dwell in Magic

Dwell in Magic is a blog for the spiritual seeker. When we begin to dwell in the magic that is us, our lives shift in unbelievable ways. I am a cynic turned believer after watching my own life change so drastically.

Everything I’ve written here has been what I needed to learn at that specific time in my life. It’s what I was being shown and evolving through. My current understanding is always a little bit deeper than it was the day before, but each period was necessary and beautiful.

My intention is that as I write and come closer to the higher understanding of my soul, you remember as well the higher understanding of yours. I hope you find breadcrumbs in my articles that lead you further down your own beautiful path towards self-discovery and love.

Jessica Dimas Dwell in Magic

A little about me

• I’ve been married for 18 years and have learned a lot through that relationship. My north node is in the 8th house and my partner has definitely been pivotal in cracking me open and helping me to take on new perspectives constantly.

• I’m the creator of two little humanoids. They have also softened me in more ways than one! Becoming a parent has shown me the depths of love I didn’t know were possible, and the recognition that nothing outside of me is mine or in my control. It’s been a beautiful lesson in surrender.

• This personality I’m currently incarnating as could most accurately be described as INFP. I’m an introvert learning self-love through social anxiety, and a sensitive heart learning to witness more and react less.

• My current fascination is with feminine energy and the way it’s teaching me to lay back, let go, and receive.  

Jessica Dimas